Fabbr Junior
The Friendly Plastic Printer
Custom parts designed and printed by Fabbr; a small 3D printing business in Southwestern Ohio. Shop run by folks that are half engineers, half amateur coders, and half CAD hackers. Plus the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE ON EARTH (TM).
Fabbr: 3D Printing Awesome Since 2009.
About Us
We specialize in 3D printing. The team at Fabbr has been 3D printing custom orders since 2009. We enjoy working on custom parts as well as RepRap machines. If you have a request please fill out our custom order form. If you have other questions or comments about 3D printing send us an email. If you still aren't sure what you can do with a 3D printer check out Thingiverse.

One of our jobs was making parts for the MakerBot crew. Here's what they had to say on their blog:

"One of the MakerBots (#170) made a ton of the pulleys for batch 7-9 MakerBots"

Getting Started
Find a file on Thingiverse.com, a similar website, or use a Computer Assisted Design Program (CAD) to design a part that you want 3D printed.
Send us your file and we will promptly respond with a quote.
We will 3D print your part and ship it to you.
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